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Andrew Martin is a self-taught artist from San Diego, California.  Andrew is best known for his unique style of painting natural landscapes. He has also been recognized for the comfort and positive vibes that his art brings to its admirers.  Inspiring, intricate, indigenous, patient, visionary, and vibrant, these are just some of the expressions that have been used to describe Andrew’s style.

Andrew’s love of nature, plants, trees and flowers led him to study Landscape Horticultural and Business at the University of Kentucky, where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in 2003. He earned an advanced degree in Horticulture at Cincinnati State. Andrew began practicing art during his childhood, but it wasn’t until he moved to the beautiful Southern California coast that he was inspired to start painting.  As an avid traveler, Andrew creates his visions from the beautiful places he has experienced around the world.

When asked about his intentions as an artist, Andrew simply states, “I can only hope for my work to take people to a place they want to be, to remove them from worry, and to see a vision of peace within the piece. I hope they see a unique vision of their own, not necessarily what I may want them to see.  Foremost, I hope people see strength in the painting and use it. This art should help build the strength it takes to conquer any goals, to be happy, to be different, and to find peace and comfort in the world.”

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